Frequently asked questions you say? Well you’ve come to the right place! We have some answers for the most common FAQ’s for you here. It’s a FAQing good time!

How do I choose an ISP?

The luxury of having an open access network is the variety of internet service providers that are at your fingertips. You can research, review and compare who you feel would best suit your budget and needs. We leave the choice in your hands.

Once the fibre is completed in my area or complex/MDU, can I connect to the internet?

In order to have your Evotel fibre line connected, you will need to choose the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that can provide you with a monthly connection and ensure you complete the sign up process with them. Your ISP will then request the installation to be completed into your home by our team and our friendly scheduling team will help you pick the best date and time. Once we have installed and tested the fibre line, the ISP will deliver the router and ensure you are connected in no time.