Frequently asked questions you say? Well you’ve come to the right place! We have some answers for the most common FAQ’s for you here. It’s a FAQing good time!

What is an ONT box?

This is the equipment Evotel installs inside of your property to ensure you are connected to the fibre installed outside of your premises. ONT stands for Optical Network Terminal.

What do all the lights on the Evotel ONT box mean exactly?

A green flashing PON light: This indicates an issue with the configuration of the ONT. We’ll need to reconfigure the device remotely. A red flashing LOS light; This indicates an issue with the fibre line. We’ll need to schedule a technician to investigate. Lan 1 Not Active: This indicates that the wireless router has been connected to the wrong port. Please move the Ethernet cable to LAN1 on the back of the ONT.

Must I take my Evotel ONT box with me when I move out?

The ONT device is installed and configured to that specific premises and cannot be moved. Should you move premises and your neighbourhood is fibre ready, a new ONT will be installed at the new premises.

Where will my ONT box be installed?

Your ONT device will be installed in a location selected by yourself. An installer will do a site survey before installing the device to ensure the ONT is installed in the most optimal location. The device however needs to be installed next to a power source.