We communicate any down-time issues that may affect our services to our customers via emails and social media platforms. We use these methods to update our customers as we value transparency and customer satisfaction.

We know how frustrating it can be when your fibre connection goes down and you don’t have any information about what’s happening or when it will be fixed. That’s why we always keep you in the loop with our email and social media updates.

We want you to feel confident and happy with our services, so we are transparent and honest about any issues that may affect them.

If you are experiencing any issues, contact us on 0860 386 835.

Don’t miss a beat:

Our social media platforms keep you updated during fibre outages!

This assists in widespread outages as clients can look at any of our social pages or outage page to see whether they are actually offline and if there is something else wrong, that way clients can estimate how long they will be down and what needs to be done.