Our core technology of fibre is inherently more stable than wireless technologies. This means you will experience less latency. This is especially valuable for gamers and on video calls when it is frustrating to experience delays.

If you want to enjoy smooth and fast online activities, you need to avoid latency issues. Latency is the delay that happens when you send or receive data over the internet. It can make your connection slow and unreliable, affecting your gaming, video calls, and other tasks. That’s why you need fibre, our core technology that delivers stable and consistent internet speeds.

With fibre, you can say goodbye to latency and hello to a better online experience. Whether you are gaming with your friends, chatting with your family, or working from home, fibre will keep you connected and happy.

If you are experiencing any issues, contact us on 0860 386 835.

Unleash your gaming potential with Evotel’s ultra-low latency!

Latency issues can arise and cause clients to not be able to reach the speeds they need to do certain things.