Our core technology of fibre allows you to control your own line in terms of available data speed. This is different to wireless technologies that may become more congested as more users in your area use this service. You will not be affected by peak user times.

If you want fast and reliable internet, you don’t want to deal with congestion on the line. Congestion can slow down your connection and make your online activities frustrating and inefficient. That’s why you need fibre, our core technology that lets you choose your own data speed.

Unlike wireless technologies that can get clogged up by other users in your area, fibre gives you a dedicated line that is unaffected by peak times. With fibre, you can enjoy smooth and consistent internet performance.

If you are experiencing any issues, contact us on 0860 386 835.

Leave wireless congestion behind with fibre lines.

Clients can use their fibre without having to worry about slow loading speeds, jumpy internet or difficulty connecting to the internet.