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Tumelo Molloyi wins with Evotel

Inspiring golfer, Tumelo Molloyi has won his first professional golf event and says it was all because of the Fibre Network Operator (FNO), Evotel's, assistance and sponsorship during the 2022 Sunshine Golf Tour.

Evotel sponsors Rustenburg Crime Combating Forum

Fibre Network Operator (FNO), Evotel, has partnered with Infinity Wireless, a Rustenburg ISP to provide the Rustenburg Crime Combating Forum (RCCF) with free fibre internet services. 

Loadshedding & You!

Loadshedding & You! Loadshedding is possibly the hottest topic on everyone’s lips these days and the situation is a huge concern impacting almost every aspect of our lives. Like water is a necessity for life, electricity is necessary for the…

Smart Cities

The idea of Smart Cities is wonderful, and it will address a lot of South African citizens' issues with the government's service delivery failures if done and implemented correctly and properly. However, who takes responsibility for creating smart cities? Is it a government led initiative, or a citizen and private sector led initiative? Who takes the leadership role in making it a reality?

Krugersdorp: An Evotel success story

The Evotel Krugersdorp fibre network passes 12 606 homes, giving them access to a fast and reliable fibre internet connection, if they choose to sign up.

Rustenburg Fibre Installation

“Because Evotel truly cares about the communities we install our networks in, we will also provide all the schools located within our fibre optic area with free access to our fibre infrastructure for fast and reliable internet to further education and build an educated next generation,”

Fibre in small towns

If residents in smaller towns still had to deal with modem dial-up connections and the now almost feared sound that accompanied it, where would they be?

Fibre for Everyone and More…

To get every person in the country connected to a fast and reliable fibre network is one of Evotel’s aims.