Tumelo Molloyi wins with Evotel

Tumelo Molloyi wins with Evotel

Inspiring golfer, Tumelo Molloyi has won his first professional golf event and says it was all because of the Fibre Network Operator (FNO), Evotel’s, assistance and sponsorship during the 2022 Sunshine Golf Tour.

Says Molloyi

“Evotel’s sponsorship has been huge for me and has helped my game. Because of Evotel’s support, I had time to properly prepare for my events and recorded my first ever professional event win as a result,” says Molloyi.

Molloyi recorded the win with four points and a six under par score in the Blue Label Golf series one-day tournament which was held at the Observatory Golf Course on 12 December 2022. 

Says Evotel

Says Evotel General Manager, Bradley Bekker: “We are so proud of Tumelo for his hard work and dedication to become a professional golfer and recording his first professional win of the Blue Label tournament in the one-day event held at the Observatory Golf Club in Johannesburg. We are more than delighted that our support and sponsorship have led to Tumelo excelling at what he does, showing the growth that can be achieved in his efforts to become a leader in the golfing world. All because you have people backing you all the way.”

Who is Malloyi

Molloyi, who turned pro in 2018, is currently ranked 1682 on the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR). Since getting his Sunshine Tour card in 2020 he has competed in over 55 events on the main Tour and small Tour calendar. His last event was competing as a pre-qualifier at State Mines Golf Club (Benoni).

According to Malloyi, Evotel’s sponsorship afforded him the ability to free his mind from the worries about where the funding is going to come from for him to participate in events, which makes preparing for events much harder. “Elite sportsmen with huge sponsorship deals have a one-up on those who have to scrape the money together to compete in an event. They have the time to properly prepare and can focus on an event, whereas I have to continue to worry and work at getting money together to attend the next event. It plays on your mind during an event and impacts your concentration because you are constantly planning on how to attend the next event in order to progress,” he explains.

Providing hope

Evotel has always believed in giving back to people and not only from a fibre connectivity perspective but also from providing hope to better their lives and those around them. 

“We are truly happy that our sponsorship towards Tumelo’s Sunshine Tour 2022 costs has helped him to improve his game. We hope that he will inspire many young people to follow their dreams in life and also become successes in their own rights,” Bekker concludes.