Smart Security

Smart Security

Smart security systems seamlessly integrate your home or business security system into your everyday life. It connects your security with your personal devices such as smart phones using home networks and wireless technology.

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Smart Devices

Most people who live in South Africa, know that security is always on your mind. Well, now you can install smart devices all over your home (Including but not limited to cameras, alarms and sensors) that can be accesses over a wireless network via your smart devices (Phone, tablet, laptop etc.).

Start with fibre

Where do you start? Well, that’s the simple answer – with us! We are a Fibre Network Operator – we build the fibre lines across your area and get you connected with one of our many ISPs. Once you are connected, a little bit of research can show you exactly what type of smart tech you need in your home – & installation is fairly simple (Unless you are the type to put the knife in the toaster), then we would suggest you get someone in to install your devices.)

Connect your devices

Once the system is installed, you can follow the simple steps to get your tech connected to the internet. Once connected, you can set automatic on and off times, manage your smart tech from anywhere in the world or setup chain reactions. (e.g., when the alarm triggers – all the lights will go on).

Peace of mind

Smart Security offers you peace of mind when you are away from home or at home, and all you need to get started is a fibre line!