Evotel supports Newcastle SPCA

Evotel supports SPCA Newcastle

September 8, 2020

Fibre to the home (FTTH) network provider is supporting the local Newcastle SPCA by providing the centre with free fibre network connectivity to allow them access to high-speed internet, enabling them to better serve the animals they care for.

“We, at Evotel, have a soft spot for animals in need. We decided, as part of our corporate social investment initiatives, to support animal shelters and institutions that answer the plight of our four legged friends. To assist the Newcastle SPCA was therefore a natural choice,” says Bradley Bekker, Evotel Head of Sales and Marketing.

Being a non-profit organisation that solely relies on fundraising, sponsorship and donations from the community to run the society, Evotel thought that one of the best ways to support the Newcastle SPCA to continue the good work it is doing for abandoned animals was to provide them access to a fast communications network to not only access the internet, but also manage their administration and fundraising needs more easily.

Thank you Evotel

“We are ecstatic for the help Evotel has given us by supplying us with much needed access to a fast and reliable network connection that makes life easier and quicker. Anything that is progress and saves time to allocate our efforts to saving an animal is much appreciated. Any assistance, no matter how big or small, makes a difference in the work we do,” says Heather Gero, Treasurer of the Newcastle SPCA Society.

Evotel is busy with the installation of a fibre network in 14 suburbs in Newcastle to assist the community by providing a solid, fast and secure communications backbone to promote development and growth of the local economy, especially after the impact of Covid-19 on businesses in the region.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the SPCA society are unable to raise the funds required for the maintenance needed at the SPCA premises. Evotel once again pledged its support on top of supplying the Newcastle SPCA with fibre connectivity.

Lending a helping hand

“After hearing about the additional needs the Newcastle SPCA has we undertook to further assist the society by helping with the repair of 12 sections of the SPCA precast perimeter wall in order to keep the property secure, maintenance to the institution’s roof, building of a prefabricated unit/container to start a second hand shop at the centre, maintenance to the centre’s 46 public kennel floors and walls and the painting of the kennels and office building,” Bekker adds. 

In conclusion Gero notes: “As with the support it received form Evotel, any contribution towards assisting the SPCA in achieving its goals, for the betterment of the animals it serve, would be greatly appreciated.”

Evotel echoes this call.


About Evotel

Evotel is an open-access fibre to the home network infrastructure provider, delivering a stable and uncompromised network to all the homes in a suburb. Evotel works in partnership and with the support of the community and the local municipality. They have an experienced and passionate team who are dedicated to the services that they provide.

Show your support for the Newcastle SPCA by liking them on their facebook page in the link below.


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