I have a stable, reliable and fast internet connection that allows me to work from home without any disruptions. My Evotel fibre line has changed the way I experience online gaming and streaming services – for the first time I have a stable internet connection and I’m able to download large amounts of data quickly, without having to worry about a data cap. The whole family is able to enjoy Netflix, YouTube or online gaming, without having to worry about how it might affect another family member’s experience!

They also offer line speeds of 500Mbps and up, that some other providers don’t offer.

Any individual who is currently working from home and needs a fast and reliable internet connection. Any family who uses the internet for entertainment, such as streaming services and online gaming.

I waited for years for a fibre company to install fibre in my town or to show any interest in assisting our community with broadband internet. I was pleasantly surprised to one day find a pamphlet advertising Evotel’s fibre rollout. I immediately showed my interest and a couple of months later Evotel installed my highspeed fibre line!

(27 January 2022)



Reliable & fast broadband so I can work from home uninterrupted

Neale McCulloch