-Well, it all started when Evotel decided to implement Fibre to Rustenburg, after a few hiccups with the locals, they managed to come through and deliver a service that most companies can’t when it comes to internet. Fast, Reliable Internet.

-The main reason is, I wanted Fibre. Seeing as Evotel was the only company that wanted to supply us with Fibre, it was an obvious choice to go with the company that was able to supply Fibre to Rustenburg. Telkom, Infinity, Herotel had the opportunity and didn’t care. Evotel saw the opportunity and took it, that being another reason why I chose Evotel.

-Internet that is fast, and is actually WORKING.

Anybody would benefit from Evotels services, Fibre is the future and everyone needs to move up with the times to ultimately benefit.

(24 January 2022)

Fibre is the future and everyone needs to move

Fibre the obvious choice when you need to work / play from home