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Navigating Fibre Internet Woes: The Human Touch in an AI World 

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Fibre Network Operators (FNOs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are constantly bombarded with calls from customers and subscribers regarding their fibre internet service – the connection, up-time, speed, etc. Who is responsible for fixing their fibre internet problems and how do they go about raising issues and finding solutions?

Alleviate poverty – Podcast Transcript

● How a fibre infrastructure could address poverty and job creation. ● Root of poverty is in a lack of education. ● Fibre allows one to access skills and education. ● The ripple effect of access to fibre helps disadvantaged communities.

Smart Cities

The idea of Smart Cities is wonderful, and it will address a lot of South African citizens' issues with the government's service delivery failures if done and implemented correctly and properly. However, who takes responsibility for creating smart cities? Is it a government led initiative, or a citizen and private sector led initiative? Who takes the leadership role in making it a reality?