Evotel & Learn2 Partnership

Evotel and Learn2 have teamed up to offer new client’s free access to the Learn2 platform for 2023. Read more below on how this partnership came to be and what it entails!

By combining access to technology and education, we are improving the well-being of our South African communities!

Learn2 is giving all of our new clients’ free access to their platform for a whole year!

Learn2 is an online Math’s application that enhances the student learning experience using technology. Our system quickly identifies what students are not understanding and targets them with personalized lessons & assessments to close gaps in knowledge.

Micro Math Video Lessons

With over 4,000 videos, students can expect to find lessons on micro-topics which allows students to learn isolated skills of a parent topic. Think of it like being able to study one grain of sand to better understand the entire shoreline.

Learn Through Mistakes

After every test or assessment, students can view their worked solutions to see what they got incorrect and view a correct step-by-step solution.
After every assessment or lesson students can take a ‘recommended’ test on the specific skill they got wrong.

Maths Past Paper Tutoroials

For the first time ever, students can now learn through past exam papers. We have developed tutorials that guide students through past years Math’s exam papers to show how to answer all questions so students can prepare for their next Math’s exam.

Adaptive Learning

As students’ progress, Learn2 automatically adjusts according to each student’s level of skill. Using innovative technology, Learn2 is able to identify skills students lack and provide recommended lessons, quizzes and assessments that remediate weaknesses.