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FAQ General

We are an open access fibre to the home network provider, delivering stable and uncompromised network to all the homes in your suburb. We work in partnership and with the support of the community and the local municipality. Once connected, you can choose from several service providers for data, security and VOIP services.
In the evolution of fixed line connectivity, fibre is what comes after ADSL. The term “fibre” is commonly used to refer to “fibre optic technology.” Fibre is made of glass and is the most stable and sustainable material over which to deliver data and internet services. Data is transmitted over the fibre in pulses of light. Data is transmitted in the form of light/laser (see Fibre optic communication). The difference in performance between fibre and its predecessor copper is that data can be transmitted over MUCH longer distances compared to copper and at a MUCH higher speed.
Evotel builds an open access network which means Evotel is an infrastructure provider and does not offer any data services. That’s where the various internet service providers come in to provide you with extremely competitive data packages starting from R500 per month. The nature of an open access network prevents overbuild and drives down the price for end-users. Imagine being able to select various data packages and change based on your needs. Don’t want a contract? Perfect, choose from various month to month packages offered by internet service providers.
• World class data speeds • Low latency • Stable connections • Superfast turnaround times • Friendly service • Community involvement
Evotel can provide speeds up to 1gbps. Please see ISP packages here.
Absolutely. If a plan is submitted and agreed upon prior to the build commencing, Evotel will supply the body corporate with the fibre capacity required for running the internal CCTV.
We are currently live in North Riding, Eden Glen, Krugersdorp, Randfontein. We are currently rolling out in Rustenburg but keep checking back with us, we have exciting future rollout plans coming up.
Absolutely! We would like to get to know you and your community. We attend marketing, schools and ISP events.
Part of giving back to the community, we at Evotel provide every qualifying school within our rollout with a free fibre internet connection of up to 1Gbps. We believe in providing our youth with the tools to succeed.
You must register with us for your fibre line AND your ISP for your internet service package and other peripherals such as phones. You can order our linehere and you can order from your ISP here
A Fibre Network Operator installs and maintains the infrastructure as well as installing of ONT devices into each home. The ISP then provides various data services to the end-user.