Who are we?

Evotel operates as a fibre network operator, which means we install fibre into an estate/complex past all the units at no cost to the complex/estate. Once a customer signs up for service, we install fibre to their unit or house and hand over to one of the internet service providers (ISP's) available on our network (see Open Access).


What is fibre?

In the evolution of fixed line connectivity, fibre is what comes after ADSL. Fibre refers to the fibre optic cables that is used to connect customers back to the big data centres (such as Teraco) where the ISP's give access to overseas capacity delivered via undersea fibre optic cables (see  African Subsea Cables ). Basically creating one big LAN network over fibre with high speeds and low pings.

Data is transmitted in the form of light/laser (see Fibre optic communication). The difference in performance between fibre and its predecessor copper is that data can be transmitted over MUCH longer distances compared to copper and at a MUCH higher speed.


What is an Open Access Network:

An open access network is a network where any ISP is able to provide service over the same infrastructure without impacting the speed or experience of the rest of the users on the network. This gives the end user much more freedom to choose a package suitable to their needs and the competition promotes lower prices.


What you can expect from Evotel:

World class data speeds

Low latency

Stable connections

Strict conformance to SLA, ie turn around times etc

Friendly service


Do you reinstate trenches and building sites?

Yes prior to starting the implementation build inside your estate, a installation plan is presented to the body corporate for sign off. Following the installation and reinstatement to prior condition, the body corporate is again presented with a snag sheet and a as-built for sign off to ensure 100% satisfaction.


How fast are your lines?

Evotel is able to provide speeds up to 1gbps. Please see ISP packages here.


Can we run CCTV on your system?

Absolutely. As long as a plan is submitted and agreed upon prior to the build commencing, Evotel will supply the body corporate with the fibre capacity required for running the internal CCTV.


What areas are you targeting?

Please see our coverage map here for more information.