The Service Experience with my Internet Service Provider

The information we need from you is limited to this page only as we appreciate that your time is valuable.

Please tell us more about the service experience/s with your Internet Service Provider and Evotel.

We need to:
  • Better understand specific issues so they can be addressed;
  • Know of specific details you may want us to be aware of so we can assist you to resolve this issue faster;
  • Know who the ISP is;
  • Know your contact details so we can get back to you with a response.

You will have a response from us within 3 days if you provide all the necessary information.

In terms of the information you have provided, be aware that:

  • We will only provide this information to your ISP if you specifically consent to us doing so below.
  • All of the information you provide us with will be treated confidentially in line with the Protection Of Personal Information Act (POPIA)

Please tell us which statements apply to your experience/s with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and Evotel.
Do this by indicating where you have experienced a specific issue.
You can tick more than one box per statement if you wish.
I am not able to talk to a person, rather than a machine, when I need to
They do not operate at convenient hours
They are not familiar with the services they sell
I did not receive prompt service from employees
I did not receive individualised attention
Employees do not have the necessary support to do their job well
Service is not delivered within the time promised
I did not get responses within the timeframe that was promised
The installation process did not go well
There is a problem with the equipment provided
I did not feel reassured that problems will be resolved
I cannot depend on them to do what they promise
Employees are not willing to assist
Employees are not trustworthy
I do not feel safe when dealing with them
Employees are not polite
Employees did not understand my needs
Employees do not have my best interests at heart
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