For all official information and updates regarding COVID-19, visit the South African Department of Health's website at www.SAcoronavirus.co.za
For all official information and updates regarding COVID-19, visit the South African Department of Health's website at www.SAcoronavirus.co.za



Evotel builds an open access network which means Evotel is an infrastructure provider and does not offer any data services. That’s where the various internet service providers come in to provide you with extremely competitive data packages starting from R500 per month. The nature of an open access network prevents overbuild and drives down the price for end-users. Imagine being able to select various data packages and change based on your needs. Don’t want a contract? Perfect, choose from various month to month packages offered by internet service providers.

Our Company

We are an open access fibre to the home network provider, delivering stable and uncompro-mised network to all the homes in your suburb. We work in partnership and with the support of the community and the local municipality. Once connected, you can choose from a number of service providers for data, security and VOIP services.

Our Culture

We are a team of passionate and experienced individuals who love internet culture and all the subcultures that exist within its realm. We live, breathe, eat and sleep tech. Providing an uncompromised service to all of our new and existing customers is what keeps us going. We strive to give you the best fibre internet experience you could ever dream of.

Stream Video

Watch all your favourite series and movies online. No interruptions or buffering issues, just pure viewing pleasure at your fingertips.

Stream Audio

Stream your favourite local or international radio stations. HD audio ensuring your favourite information channels are crystal clear.

Smooth Gaming

Game online like a pro with low latency and no disconnects. Honing your skills so that you can become the ruler of your realm.

Unlimited Downloads

Keep your devices updated, download movies, series, games or music and do it all at a high speed with unlimited data! No restrictions!

Unlimited Uploads

Upload your documents to cloud servers, share files and videos online, you will never have to be concerned about being capped again.

Smart Homes

Get the Smart Home you have always dreamed of today! You will be able to reliably connect your home management system with ease and peace of mind.

Quality Calling

Our ISPs offer great calling packages over our fibre lines with high end VoIP services and phones. Quality calling at a reasonable cost with no interruptions.

Save Money

Evotel customers have choice and flexibility that ultimately results in financial savings. Choose your ISP and package that best suits your individual needs.

With fibre internet you are connected to a universe full of knowledge and entertainment!