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Area Builds FAQ.

How do I know when Evotel is building in my area?

• Town hall meeting are arranged where we discuss the roll out with the community.
• You will see us at marketing events within your neighborhood or complex.
• Small indicator flags are placed throughout your neighborhood to mark where our gum poles will be planted.
• You will see our team installing cables in your neighborhood or inside of the complex.
• Our team will be in your neighborhood helping you pre-order you’re in home installation.
• You can visit our coverage map to see which areas are in the “Show My Interest” phase.

What are the phases of an Evotel fibre build?

Day 01 • Pole locations are plotted (either with a small flag or spray paint)
Day 02 – Day 05 • 1m deep holes are dug at the plotted locations. • Poles are installed, holes are back filled and compacted. • Pole are leveled.
Day 06+ • Newly planted pole is left for up to 5 days before the fibre optic cable is strung where the final leveling of the poles is done while tensioning the cables

How long does an area build or complex/MDU build take approximately?

MDU’s and complexes are private property, so we require the consent of the Homeowners Association (HOA) or Body Corporate (BC) to install the fibre network into the complex to deliver services to the residents. This is done with what we call an MDU service level agreement (SLA). The fibre construction entails installing cables from our backhaul on the street to a fibre distribution point in the building or complex. We will install your home from this point once an order is placed with an ISP. Again, there is absolutely NO COST to the body corporate or homeowner’s association for the fibre build into the property. To build into an estate or complex we follow the next steps: The estate HOA/BC/Trustees sign the MDU SLA giving us permission to build. Evotel will send a planner to survey the MDU and propose the most efficient and least disruptive installation method, using as much of the existing infrastructure as possible and allowed. The plans are submitted to the HOA/BC/Trustees for approval. Once the plans have been approved, a meeting will be arranged with the HOA/BC/Trustees to discuss timelines, reporting and escalation process. Following the kick-off, a start date is agreed upon. The installation will be scheduled for the backbone builds to commence. Once the build is completed, the building representatives will request a sign off meeting to ensure the HOA/BC is entirely satisfied that all snags have been addressed. Once the internal complex backbone has been completed, we will commence with the home installations. Be sure to have your order ready with the ISP to ensure you get installed first. We install on a first come first serve basis.

Once the fibre is completed in my area or complex/MDU, can I connect to the internet?

In order to have your Evotel fibre line connected, you will need to choose the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that can provide you with a monthly connection and ensure you complete the sign up process with them. Your ISP will then request the installation to be completed into your home by our team and our friendly scheduling team will help you pick the best date and time. Once we have installed and tested the fibre line, the ISP will deliver the router and ensure you are connected in no time.

How do I get Evotel to start a fibre build in my area or complex/MDU?

Your first step to possibly being connected to Evotel fibre is to check your area coverage. If your area has no fibre coverage you can express your interest in having fibre rolled out to your neighborhood by completing your contact details and we will get back to you once a feasibility study has been completed. We will also have our friendly team in your area conducting a survey and assisting you in qualifying your neighborhood. The sooner the “show my interest” survey is completed the sooner we can get you connected. We would love to encourage you to get your neighbors to express their interest as well, as this will speed up the process immensely.

What happens if there is damage to my residential property while Evotel is doing an area build?

Evotel strives to provide the most professional service ever. This means we will not leave your neigbourhood or home until we have reinstated it to its original condition or better. Should you feel this is not the case, please contact us.

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