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Evotel working with the RCCF in rustenburg helping to create a safe environment for all.

The Vision

Evotel’s intention has always been to revolutionize the entire fibre internet industry across the country through better client experience. A few years in, and the skies seem bluer and the sun brighter for all to see. 

As a Fibre Network Operator, Evotel, has finally found its place at the head of the food chain in a sea, swimming with hungry sharks. All indications show that Evotel’s teeth have gotten whiter and sharper with each day. 

This is further cemented by the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) through its February/March survey that was conducted with over 32 Internet Service Providers (ISP) operating across South Africa – Evotel placed fourth in the pecking order as an ISP and first in terms of client experience excellence in the FNO space. 

Evotel’s hold in Rustenburg, Northwest, is now paying dividends following perseverance within the Platinum Province. 

Contractors are hard at work on a daily basis connecting different communities across the city surrounding the mines. This area desperately needs internet connections, allowing workers to interact with their families work from home, and save costs on transport and entertainment. 

Evotel marketing and PR teams recently visited the Evotel sites in Rustenburg, and our maintenance and installation employees are smiling from ear-to-ear. Their tools gleaming from constant use. 

Meet Charlie 

Evotel marketing was fortunate to be granted an interview with an employee simply known as Charlie, we were told that in Rustenburg a lot is happening behind the scenes. While there are still many problems in the area, Confidence is high that progress is being made and clients are happy with the improvements made thus far. 

“There was a time when we stood idle as an FNO, but now we seem to be moving again and at a rapid place. I expect more of our clients will frequent our offices at Klopper Street, Rustenburg, to book their installation” he said while his drill rang on a client’s wall at Geelhoutpark. 

The process of setting up a fibre installation takes just under three hours, however after the installation was completed, clients still needed to wait for an ISP to activate the line. The time that this take has drastically reduced. Charlie told Evotel marketing; “I like to see my clients happy, and getting them online fast makes them happy. I work in Rustenburg North and Central, Tlhabane West, Protea Park, Rustenburg Oos Einde, Mountain View and Paballelo. 

Better client experience

I have noticed a marked improvement over the past year and i am confident that the improvements will keep rolling in as the company grows. I believe that Evotel is an FNO that is dedicated to providing clients with a great service experience, an area that many FNO’s disregard this leading to poor client service.” 

In my opinion despite all the odds, it’s clear to me that Evotel remains the obvious choice for an FNO and I plead that any clients who value quality service should choose the Evotel network provider.  

Without word spoken Evotel is attempting to revolutionising the industry, putting the client first and setting the trend and others following on our trenches.” Says Charlie 

As Evotel we want to thank Charlie for his kind words and will do everything in our power to live up to his lofty expectations. We aim to continue to be market leaders in customer service in the FNO space.